About us

Superior service, personalized attention

Traditionally handmade the natural way. We believe that natural can be fun, functional and beautiful.
Having made soap from an early age, we know the importance of quality that you can feel and smell. 
That's why here at Hollyberry we hand craft our product in small batches in the beautiful prairies of Alberta with fresh, sustainable and cruelty free ingredients that is also verified by EcoCert. 
We pride ourselves on being a transparent company. What you see on the label is what you get; clear, simple and honest ingredients. And we never test on our furry friends.  
Wash your skin, enjoy sunshine, fresh air, sleep, drink plenty of water and use hollyberry natural products! Your skin will feel harmonized and beautiful!


Bubbly yours,

Holly & The Berries


When we think of fresh we think of a freshly picked strawberry, a warm loaf of crusty bread out of the oven, the scent of freshly mown grass.

That's the freshness of hollyberry products.
You wouldn’t go into a grocery store and buy a loaf of bread or a case of strawberries that has been sitting on the shelves for a month, so that’s why here at hollyberry we thoughtfully and carefully produce small batches of our product to ensure the ultimate freshness. 

Our retail location is located in Carstairs, Alberta and an online store open 24/7. 

Enjoy sunshine, fresh air, sleep, drink plenty of water and use hollyberry! Your skin will feel harmonized and beautiful and the environment will thank you too!

Bubbly yours,