Hi! So nice to meet you

Hi! So nice to meet you

Hi! I’m Holly!

I’m part owner, creator and visionary of Hollyberry.

I’ve started this blog in hopes that I can share my way of living with the very items that we have created. Intentionally living and mindfulness for all things natural, beautiful and useful. I’ve always said that natural doesn’t have to be boring. If you look at the very world around you there is so much beauty that surrounds us. I’m blessed that I get to live in a part of the world that can experience all that nature has to offer. From the rolling prairies to the vast mountains, sparkling snow to hot, sunny summers, we have it all. And the very best part? I get to take that beauty and incorporate it all in skincare and wellness items for your mind and body.

I’m in the pursuit of happiness and intentional living in a world that has been rocked by some hardships, lessons and most importantly some beautiful blessings. Intentional living isn’t too hard but I’m finding it more and more important to have positive thoughts, read good news and books, and be very careful of what I put in my mind and on my body.

I’m so very happy you are here. I’m a huge fan of learning from each other and happy to have a conversation, a big hug, a quick high five or met you at any capacity. Whether you find me in one of the Hollyberry shops, online or wandering for rocks, I’m here and willing to help you on a healing journey, through skincare, mindfulness and intentionally living.

I’m here in my raw perfectly un-perfect human form. Also, you get to watch me fumble through starting a blog! Yay!

Happiness, health and heaps of love sent your way,


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